Volunteering is a two way street

Good Neighbours, located in Newcastle, is one of the international projects run by the Assumption Order. Similar to the Living & Learning project it supports young people and provides volunteer placements. Gabriel who lives in Vitoria,  Brazil, will join the project in September:

“Yes the image is too serious! This picture is the only one I have at my computer.

Well I like to read, chatting with friends on the internet, have a walk, etc. Actually there’s a lot of films and music that I like, I can’t say I have a favourite one.

I love football ! I support Flamenco, a team from Rio de Janeiro but my passion is European football.

I really like to hang out with friends, I usually do it a lot here.

The person who inspires me is not a famous person. I would say it’s my mother. She inspires me on everything. I learn a lot of things with her.

I want to go to England because I think that would be a good experience for me, like learning another type of culture and sure to improve my English which is not so good. Of course I’m interested about the children at the project, I already worked with children here and I loved it. I think I can bring a lot of good things to the children and I am hoping to teach and learn with them.”

Gabriel Sarlo

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Make the difference

Remember Graham’s visit to collect food supplies from a charity agency;food which ensures the children have at least one substantial meal a day.

On Monday he returned with Wellington and was disappointed to find the allocation had been much reduced. Naturally on hearing this we are alarmed into thinking how we might help but the reality is that for the time being our fund-raising must stay focused on contributing to the salaries of the monitors who keep the door of the project open to the children. If the daily meal has to be reduced in some way at least they still have access to a place where they are safe, a place where they are valued as individuals and a place where the future has choices.

One of the ways the charity raises funds is to ask volunteers to demonstrate their commitment by undertaking a fund-raising activity of some kind. We support them with this and are always on the look out for new ideas; if you have any suggestions we will be really grateful to hear them. Your suggestion may well make the difference in providing that daily meal for a month or two more.

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