Save Syria’s Children – Act now!

save the childrenYesterday, I  commented  that protests have to threaten the position of those in power to have a chance of bringing change. Public protests can bring change but they have to be large scale.

Since Sunday I’ve been haunted by a  ‘Save the Children’ report  on  the plight of children in Syria and how they are so afraid when bombs are being dropped and the fighting is close that they wet themselves.



On 14 March 2013 – the eve of the second anniversary of the conflict’s outbreak – we want to mobilise people worldwide to demand action.

At our Global Vigil for Syria thousands of candles will be lit, in 20 countries around the world. Each flame will commemorate those who have lost their lives and spread the hope we all have for a peaceful future for all of Syria’s children.

At the same time, we’ll launch a Virtual Vigil to send a message to the world’s five most powerful leaders. Join us in demanding they unite to help bring peace to Syria.

Use Twitter and Facebook to add your message to our campaign. On 14 March we’ll launch your messages at the same moment in various time zones.

By harnessing the power of the internet, our global campaign will send a powerful message no president or prime minister will be able to ignore.

Sign the petition Join our Global Virtual Vigil

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