GRAB … grab … grabbing

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5 thoughts on “GRAB … grab … grabbing

  1. A powerful piece! Well done Oxfam! Yet as I sit here in my comfortable lounge…… I confess I have such feeble understanding of what it must be like to be a victim – and there are so many – of such Grabs. And it is hard to accept that this is real-life drama!

  2. oooh I had wanted to share this on Facebook….. but I realise I have merely “Liked” it! And thus the link is not directly to the video….. Is this a case of my confusion or is the “share” option not available?

    • Start playing the video and then select the ‘watch on YouTube’ icon (bottom right). It will then continue playing in YouTube from which there is a ‘Share’ button. Selecting this will give you the option to save to Facebook.

  3. So simple yet effective – I know many teachers use short clips in lessons to illustrate various issues ( a productive use of Social media ! !) This would certainly fit the bill. Thanks editor – I have followed your steps and shared it on Facebook

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