Volunteer in Brazil

Supporting Community Development

Growing together

The Trustees were delighted to be able to support Patricia with her micro project growing organic vegetables for sale in the local communities around Cristino Castro.
growing veg

Simple beginnings

Many of the projects we support start in a very small way with very simple beginnings. Pedro, like many other young farmers studying at the Agricultural College, asked Volunteer in Brazil to help him invest in his family’s small subsistence farm.

Repaid in full

Just over two years ago Fabiana and Similde made use of a micro loan provided by St Mary’s Primary School in Chipping. They invested their loan into an horticultural project. They now produce vegetables for their local market, local schools and the town market in Cristino Castro
Market Garden

Sheep or Goats?

Elias, a young farmer studying at the Agricultural College in Cristino Castro, is up and running with his new project. Like many other young farmers in the region Elias is hoping to stay on his family farm and make a living from the land. With our financial support and the technical support of Oliveira Elias he has embarked on a new venture to raise animals that can thrive in semi arid conditions

One of our heroes

We have supported Antonio with two loans to develop his fish farming enterprise which contributes significantly to the family finances.
Fish Farm

Supporting young farmers

Volunteer in Brazil continues to support young farmers in the semi arid regions of Cristino Castro, Santa Luz and Alvorado in the state of Piaui, North East Brazil.
Young Farmers
Rogério in front of his pigsty


We are based in the UK and provide interest free  loans to support students from a college in Cristino Castro and other villagers in the locality who want to start a small self-sustaining business venture or micro project. 


We are delighted to report that we are supporting 17 micro projects in five different municipal areas in the region of Cristino Castro, NE Brazil. They range from organic vegetable production, handicrafts, fish farms, cattle, pig, sheep and chicken rearing projects.


Projects receive a small interest free loan which enables them to get started. Once the project is underway they progressively pay back their loan over a two year period. The funds are then reinvested to support a new project venture!


The charity generates funds through monthly donations, various sponsored events and the sale of donated goods. 



Meet our trustees

Joe's idea

To support a family in the rural NE of Brazil, often, you just need a small amount of capital to kickstart a self-sustaining venture. And that's what we provide, wrapped up in lots of encouragement.

Mary's Gift Aid

One of our most successful fund raising ideas was to set up a Gift Aid Scheme. Each month a regular amount is donated to directly fund rural farming projects in NE Brazil.

Literally Margaret

Every successful charity needs a Margaret! Someone who helps out with practical tasks (like this website) as well as providing the encouragement to keep us all going.

David the charity Guru

As a registered UK Charity we need David's expertise to help us prepare responses to Companies House and HMRC. Well somebody has to do it!

Cheque out Keith

Having a head for figures is just one of Keith's many talents and he wants you to know that the full amount of your donations are sent out to support rural families in NE Brazil.

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