Author: margaret

A Bicycle made for Two

Shiny and sleek, this  vintage tandem served for a number of  years as Joe’s preferred mount in ViBs  annual fund raising Cycle Marathon. Now retired

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Antonio Neto

One of my heroes.

Antonio Neto is  talking, with Oliveira our  man on the ground in Brazil, about his plan to further develop his fish farming venture. I first

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Newcastle meets Brazil

Our lovely volunteer Rose  paid a brief visit home to  to introduce her ‘amor’  Anthony to her family and  friends in Brazil.      

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These are our children

Meeting the basic needs of food and shelter for the children and families of war torn Syria makes uncomfortable reading when contrasted with the wants

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Wow Samba Band on TV

I think you will agree that the film captures beautifully, the joy, the enthusiasm, the pride, and dedication of everyone involved with the band. Beth

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