The World Cup generates an income for the To Ligado Project

The football world cup may not have been a success on the pitch for the Brazilian national team but the opportunity was seized by Gabriel Davies to raise vital funds for the To Ligado Project.
Gabriel Davies from Lancaster has volunteered on five different occasions with VinB, serving in both the To Ligado Project in Rio de Janeiro and the Development For All Programme in Cristino Castro, NE Brazil. Gabriel’s latest venture has been to organise a programme for people wanting to experience Brazil and enjoy the World Cup. Along with university colleague and friend Farhaan, Gabriel promoted and facilitated a world cup experience for 18 people whilst at the same time raising over £3000 for the To Ligado Project.

Gabriel & Farhaan present a cheque for over £3000 to the To Ligado project

Gabriel & Farhaan present a cheque for over £3000 to the To Ligado project

On behalf of all those connected to the project Beth thanked Gabriel and Farhaan for their ingenuity and hard work.
Gabriel’s heart is never far away from Brazil and he hopes to return to Rio in the near future to undertake further studies in green technologies.
The project is able to continue serving the communities of Santa Teresa because of the excellent work undertaken by people like Gabriel & Farhaan. 
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A big thank you


The children of St John’s Catholic Primary School in Chorlton, Manchester exceeded all expectations by raising  £1,750 for the Living & Learning Programme (L&L) in Rio de Janeiro.

Guided by their teachers, Mrs Frances Taylor and Miss Clare Seccombe, the children sang, danced, and through role play, demonstrated to Anne Wilson from CAFOD Salford and Joe Howson from Volunteer in Brazil how they had raised such a fantastic amount of money.

Mrs Taylor and Miss Seccombe have first hand experienced of the L&L programme and it is through their energy, enthusiasm and dedication that the children where able to channel all their creative energies into supporting the children of Rio.  Two fantastic assemblies, delivered in Rio like temperatures, were a joy to behold.

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Radical ideas on fund raising from Dan Pallotta

In this video Dan Pallotta suggests that if charity fund raising is to meet the needs of the world we must  ditch the idea that raising charity funding  is somehow a pure activity and  start using  ‘for profit business’ tools  such as investment in advertising,  recruitment and maybe shareholders.

Convinced?  Then read Phil Bucchanan’s article.

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Global Partnerships in action!

Longridge HighThe United Nations 2012 report on the Millennium Development Goals emphasised the need to develop stronger global partnerships if the world is going to achieve the poverty reduction targets by the year 2015.

Longridge High 2Through partnership working with Global Link Development Education Centre, Longridge High School and Volunteer in Brazil, bonds of solidarity and support are being developed between children in Longridge and families in rural Brazil.

Neto & MartinYoung people started by learning about the Millennium Development Goals in early 2012. In the summer of the same year they organised a Brazilian style carnival to raise money and now in February 2013 they are in the process of supporting Neto and his family (in the community of Panasco, in the interior of the state of Piaui) to build a chicken house where Neto and his family intend to rear chickens for sale. Martin, our Micro Finance Co-ordinator, is supporting Neto and will send regular updates and encourage dialogue with the community at Longridge High School.

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A big thank you to my friends at the Slovak Catholic Mission in London


 Just few days before my flight to Brazil, I thought it might be a good idea to tell my friends about the projects in Cristino Castro and maybe do a small fund raising event. So I sent around an email with a video about Volunteer in Brazil’s Micro Loan Initiative. Amazingly, my friends from the Slovak Catholic Mission in London managed to put together almost £2000.00 for the loans project.

I would like to thank them  for their generous donations and  support!

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Shop online….. support children…no extra cost

Shopping on-line for Christmas?  You could support our projects in Brazil by using   EasyFundRaising.

This is a service that enables you to shop online with your favourite stores at no extra cost and at the same time raise vital funds for the children of the Living and Learning Project in Rio de Janeiro.

Just  a minute or two to set up … which you could do now.

Once you know how easy it is,  do please pass the idea to your on-line  shopper family and friends. I have used it for two years and it works well.

This Christmas we have set ourselves the challenge of persuading twenty more people to contribute in this way!  Will you be one?

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Amazing ….cycle marathon breaks all records

Not only was a record time set for the marathon but this year  it has also raised a record amount.  With some monies  still to come  we will shortly be sending £1900.00 to support the Living and Learning project in Rio.  You can see one of the students at the project giving his response to the news.

I wonder if he might supply us with his name ?

Well done and thank you to everyone who contributed to this success.


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Cycling to success

Bicycles old,new, begged, borrowed,  high spirits  and good humour  were in  plentiful  supply as  cyclists  and support  teams came under  starter’s  orders.   But not before  Joe  welcomed the  regular stalwarts and those making their first appearance, including visitors from the  ‘Going Global’ group who are  recently returned from witnessing the reality of life for children living  in the violence of the  favelas.

With five laps to complete,   personal bests to beat, and new records to set the experienced legs flew round in record time.  No less heroic were those less practised and new to marathon cycling who displayed great valour and determination on a  route not without its challenges.  The support teams came into their own supplying refreshments,  advice, copious amounts  of cheering and  encouragement.  We even had our very own Bradley Wiggins look alike, see if you can spot him below. 

[slideshow id=2]


I was touched and moved by all the participants who cycled, supported and sponsored the event and created a wonderful atmosphere. The monies  we raise is vital funding for the children and their families living in the harsh conditions of the urban slums of Rio.        Joe Howson

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Coming soon–Fundraising Activity Days

Forthcoming fund raising events planned will be :

Hothersall Lodge Activity Days – come and sample our outdoor activities

8th June (8:30 to 5:00 pm) – Children aged 7 to 11

8th July (11:30 – 7:30 pm)- Adults (18+)

Cost £20 for the day (less than £2.50p per hour)

For further details and an application form please contact Dave and Shelagh –

Other fundraising event details to follow – watch this space

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Pedalling for poverty

Volunteers of all ages turned out in force to cycle, marshal, cheer lead, or make refreshments for the third annual Cycle Marathon.
Listen to Joe,(chairman of VinB)and other volunteers talk about their hopes for the afternoon, which should raise about £1000.00 for the children in the Living & Learning project in Rio.
Thank you to everyone who took part and to those who sponsored the riders.

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