The first two weeks, looking to the future and Carnival

We’re two weeks in to To Ligado’s new year and things are really starting to come together. We had a slightly bumpy start, partly due to Carnival and partly due to big changes in state school timetabling. Traditionally school kids have only gone to school in the morning or the afternoon, but the government are rolling out new full day schedules. This is obviously great news for the kids as they’ll have more taught hours and there won’t be this ‘dead time’ in the morning or afternoon where their parents are working but they’re not in school. What this means for the project is that it has lost some of its older kids as they’ve been put on this full day timetable.

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Catching up with Gabriel


GabrielGabriel Davies called into Lee House to catch up with the VinB trustees and recently returned volunteers Dave & Shelagh. Gabriel, just back from Brazil with plans to return in late January, shared his hopes of finding employment in Rio or Sao Paulo. Gabriel, a native of Lancaster and well known to communities in Cristino Castro & Santa Teresa has volunteered four times in the course of four years.

It is always a pleasure to catch up with him and share in his many adventures

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