A girl called Jack

jackMeet Jack.  She is a single mum who lives in Southend, Essex.  Child care demands resulted in quitting her job with the Fire Service and taking benefit while she applies for other jobs.

But, while you wait for a job, how do you cope with the challenges of living off a £10 a week food budget?  Well, I’ll let Jack describe this journey in her own words, for last year she decided to blog about her experiences in a post entitled ‘Hunger hurts‘.

And then something remarkable happened.  She re-discovered her interest in home economics and started sharing, through her blog, her recipes for making nutritious meals for little more than a few pounds.  Interest in her blog posts have now seen her recipes handed out by food banks and Penguin have signed her up to write a recipe book. She has spoken in Parliment on food poverty, attended the G8 Summit as part of the IF campaign and been interviewed by Oxfam for a report on food banks.

You can discover more about Jack through her blog and this article in the Guardian.

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Howling at the G8

Oxfam’s Adam Musgrave is busy packing for the G8 summit in Enniskillen next week and is adding to his bags, in best Harry Potter style, two HOWLERS to send to the assembled politicians.



Every year, developing countries lose more than $160 billion to just one type of corporate tax dodging – enough to eradicate hunger more than three times over!




Already, G8 companies and investors have bought land in developing countries more than the size of the whole of Ireland since the year 2000. This land could grow enough food for 96 million people.

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Still time to influence G8 on taxation

Add your name to Bill Nighy’s petition to David Cameron

Bill Nighy

I’ve seen the devastation that hunger causes to communities in my position as an Oxfam Ambassador. That’s why we have started a petition on Change.org calling on David Cameron to take action on tax at this month’s G8 and ensure large companies don’t make the poorest suffer.  Bill Nighy 

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It’s not over yet…

In the next minute you can be part of a global solution …

 sign up to the IF campaign to #endhunger.


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IF … on a plate!

ifonaplateEver wondered IF the collective voices of a hundred children could make a difference in the fight to eliminate World Hunger in our live time? Well, let’s hope Mr Cameron gets the message delivered on these plates!

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IF you… IF me… IF everyone

An astonishing call to the G8 politicians to use their power and mandate to create a world free from hunger and poverty. Written and performed by the youngsters of Whitelees Primary School.

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Joining hands on June 8th > Hyde Park, London

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