A Child is Born

Just before Christmas Beth became a grand mother for the second time.

In September 2016 the trustees were delighted to receive Beth, Eduardo and their daughter Bia to the ‘wilderness’ of Longridge, Thornley and Chipping. Past volunteers and visitors to Brazil came together to welcome Beth and her family to the warmth of a Lancashire hearth.

In January 2017 the trustees are delighted to send Beth and Eduardo their heartfelt congratulations on the birth of their grand daughter.

At our annual review today the trustees will raise their glasses to the wonderful Sarlo family!

Beth's Grandchild

Beth’s Grandchild

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The end of an era

The Living and Learning Project finally closes its doors….

Hundreds of children and families from the communities of Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, have been served by the Living and Learning Project. A dedicated team of staff as well as local and international volunteers gave their hearts and skills to serving young people and their families who are caught in the web of poverty and violence that scars the face of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.



Beth dedicated many years of her life to the project, it was her vision, her enthusiasm and commitment that enlivened, enriched and enthused all the staff and volunteers.

It was Beth’s dedication that captured the hearts of a group of international visitors in 2005 and that experience was instrumental in the formation of the charity Volunteer in Brazil.

Beth was the visionary and Monica was the bedrock of the project.



 Coming herself from one of the local communities Monica knew at first hand the daily challenges of life in the favalas.

With a gentle but firm hand Monica helped steer the project through many difficult times.

The project has been a wonderful blessing to the local communities in Santa Teresa and many international volunteers have been blessed by the experience the project provided for them to live in solidarity with the people of Brazil.

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Victory for the voice of the people

Dear friends,

protestCrowdI am living in one of his best political moments of the past 20 years!

People are  frustrated and disillusioned with the political parties that serve only their own interests and have taken responsibility and mobilized themselves to protest over the political corruption which is seen as ones of the main causes of inequality and poverty in our country. They are calling for the resignation of the congressional president, who is linked to the ‘monthly allowance’ scandal, the ending of Forum Privilege which allows politicians to be tried by special courts and an immediate investigation into the costs and corruption involved in hosting the World Cup.    Beth

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The truth about the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics in Rio

This YouTube video tells a very interesting story of how the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics are being used by big business, politicians and the police (all intimately connected) to remove the poor from their homes to provide business opportunities for the wealthy.

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