Up-date on Sponsored Cycle Marathon

Sponsorship money is coming in and I think we have now passed the £800 target with still more to come. Well done everybody!

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Konstantin Mercks

Konstantin  Mercks a German volunteer has returned home and is now fund raising   to improve the kitchen facilities in the project. This  picture was taken whilst he was  leading the children in singing ‘Imagine’.  Konstantin’s laptop with all project  images was stolen and he is appealing for  images to use in his  fund raising.

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Marathon for ‘Living and Learning’

Spirits were  high as the twenty one plucky  riders,  left the starting line, on one of the wettest days this year to  complete the 2010 Cycle Marathon.   £800.00 was the target, with all monies earmarked to meet the running costs of the , Living and Learning Project. I can report that we are half way there.

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Can anyone help Martin with a laptop ?

We need to replace the  laptop used by the  volunteers in Christino. Martin a current volunteer whose newsy  report is below uses the laptop extensively  for planning  English lessons and activities for his  students.    Helen Granger,  co-ordinator of the Assumption Lay Volunteer Programme is going out to Cristino in November; its a  great opportunity to get one out to him. If you can help just use the contact tab above to let us know.

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News from Martin

After the departure of our English friends and the end of Festeijo the life in Cristino came back to normal. Children returned to school, the classes started again. However, Brazilians without parties are not Brazilians. September and October are months of other festeijos in all neighbouring towns of Bom Jesus, Palmeira, Santa Luz and Alvorada. I don’t think I will be able to cope with all of them but it would be nice to participate at least some days.

Thanks to visit of Joe’s group ‘my children’ returned to English classes with higher self-confidence. On the day of reunion they found out that they are able to speak English. They were just jumping around….. Continue reading

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Can you help the Living & Learning project in Brazil?

Beth the director of the Living & Learning project which helps children from the slums of Rio has asked us for help in  finding £600.00 to pay the September staff salaries Several funding streams have dried up and the situation is dire. We are desperate for some creative fund raising suggestions. Any ideas ?

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What you have said about our new blog…

Seamus wrote: The heartiest congratulations.   Great, great, great! I’ll be in touch.  Wow!

Agnes wrote: Congratulations on achieving charity status & thanks for the link – I’ll be interested to see what’s going on.

Sandra wrote: Hey the blog is filling out in all directions! You have been busy bees! Keep up the tremendous work.   Best wishes to one and all

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Gabriel kept his promise to ‘Living and Learning’.

Gabriel celebrates his 21st at the 'Living & Learning' project.

Our dear Volunteer Gabriel is returning to his studies at Oxford University in  England today. Two years ago  he made a promise to return. He  didn’t break his promise! This time he promised to return in a year. We will be waiting for him. It was wonderful to have him with us again. Thanks Gabriel!

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Joe Howson

Things are moving forward with the possible partnership between CAFOD, Global Link and Volunteer in Brazil. Meetings are being arranged to take the initiative forward. We will keep you posted…..

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A lovely wedding in our family

On August 6th my son Tiago married Mariana. The ceremony was lovely and only for families. First came the wedding registry and then we had a very lively reception. All were pretty happy. They are a lovely couple.  I turned mother in law, but the best was winning one more lovely daughter.

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