Charity begins at home…

Confirmation came from Beth this week, that the Living and Learning Programme has been awarded a grant by a charity association here in the UK.  The grant will ensure that the programme remains open to the children for the next 3-4 months.

A slight sigh of relief at this breathing space, but our efforts are full on, to develop a range of sustainable funding streams.

The main one being the use of convent accommodation to generate an income; a proposal that has received encouraging support from our partners.

Gabriel has made good progress in gathering information into a spreadsheet for the projected costs and profits of a World Cup/Olympics holiday package. Which has moved our thinking on to considering, the feasibility of offering the accommodation throughout the year to those, intrepid travellers, who may be on a budget.

We need the expertise, experience of someone in the tourist industry to help us to progress this idea.

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When can I return..

Shortly before Georgina and Will left the Living & Learning Programme we asked them to think about the highlights of their time in as volunteers.

Not being the most organised of people, Will and I left a trip to Corcovado mountain to see famous statue of Jesus Christ until our last day here in Rio, and what a way to end our time. With spectacular 360 degree views of the city, we had lucked upon one of the clearest and sunniest days we’ve had here. We returned just in time for our last afternoon at the project, filled with photographs, games, chatting and tearful goodbyes on my part.

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Wow..Thank you

Today we were delighted and relieved to receive a donation from ‘The Memery Crystal Charitable Trust.’
The gift was secured by Anne, a past volunteer (2010), who is currently training to be a solicitor. Aware of the precarious financial plight of the Living and Learning Programme Anne applied to the trustees of the charitable arm of the Law Practice she is articled to.
A vital donation that will enable the programme that supports the children from the slums of Rio to continue for another couple of months.

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Four weeks into her placement with the Living & Learning Programme and Georgina talks of her experience.

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An image reveiwed

A friend has been advising me on the use of images in posts and recently I unexpectedly came across this image, taken by Martin,  our  volunteer  who teaches English to youngsters in the Cristino Castro township, of North East Brazil.  I  found the image  compelling and shared it with the friend who suggested  I blog about why I find the image engaging. I realised that in rising to the challenge of putting my response into words I would be teaching myself about the use of images. So here goes.

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On keeping a journal

“This has been the first ever time I have kept a journal, and it won’t be the last.

At not one point have I struggled for topics to write about.

We’re constantly doing one thing or another here, in fact time is so short I tend to write it on the move, or when we’re waiting for a late Brazilian to show!

Therefore legibility is another factor, but I can understand it!
And will still be able to in 10, 20 or 30 years time, …..the thoughts and experiences I have written about will never be forgotten.”


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Sponsored Cycle Marathon Sunday 25th September

Venue St Mary’s Community Centre

Time to get into training for our popular annual fund raiser. All the monies raised are used exclusively to support the children in the Santa Teresa slums of Rio.

‘Lets make this the best yet’.

Further details and Sponsor forms can be obtained by emailing

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