Year: 2013

Being instrumental!

Dave & Shelagh Ricardson are on a mission to acquire musical instruments for young people in Rio. Here is an extract from a recent email:

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Reverse Culture Shock

Four of our volunteers have recently returned – re-adjusting to life back home can be a real challenge Reverse culture shock is something that all

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Back around the hearth

Full of life, adventure and mischief are two local volunteers, Dave and Shelagh Richardson, have landed back home just in time for Christmas. On their

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Martina’s return

Christmas in Europe welcomes Martina as she returns to family and friends in Slovakia. Over the course of the last year Martina experienced life in

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These are our children

Meeting the basic needs of food and shelter for the children and families of war torn Syria makes uncomfortable reading when contrasted with the wants

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Wow Samba Band on TV

I think you will agree that the film captures beautifully, the joy, the enthusiasm, the pride, and dedication of everyone involved with the band. Beth

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