Month: July 2013

Beyond IF

The IF campaign has sent out a big THANK YOU reminding us that together we have made things happen.  VinB will keep adding it’s voice

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A girl called Jack

Meet Jack.  She is a single mum who lives in Southend, Essex.  Child care demands resulted in quitting her job with the Fire Service and

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Inspirational Volunteers

Dave and Shelagh Richardson are an inspiration to us all. Since returning from Brazil in late December 2012 Dave and Shelagh have fully engaged with

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Water belongs to everyone

An indigenous community and migrants from N.E. Brazil resist the attempts of land grabbers. Young people from Longridge High participated in the third of the

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Working with nature

Techniques to bring life back to arid regions in Africa has real potential for the semi arid regions of north east Brazil. Tony Rinaido, a

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Our fun loving pope

This image of Pope Francis taken during the flight to Brazil sets the tone, more than any words could, for his meeting with the young

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