Month: August 2013

Less is more

Watching the  moving and powerful video celebrating World Humanitarian Day with the theme ‘The World Needs More’. I was struck by the thought that the

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Help the Syrian Children

One million Syrian childen have become homeless refugees.  We can help by signing the petition led by Save the Children that calls on Nick Clegg

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Just watching helps

Help young women to access education in Pakistan; each time you watch the presentation Sliderocket will donate to the Hoshyar-Foundation, a charity which supports the

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The deception of education

Looks like these youngsters are the winners with much to celebrate, but not according to one American student who argues a very different perspective. We

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World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day pays  tribute to the aid workers who lost their lives as a result of the bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad (2003)

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Great wisdom can found in simple stories. This is a story that really speaks to me. Chi-ping is a subsistence farmer in ancient China. He

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