Volunteering and shaping the future

GiovannaWelcome to Giovanna who hopes to follow in the footsteps of fellow Brazilian Gabriel and  become a volunteer working with the young peoples’ community project in the North East of the UK.

The project is run by the order of the Assumption Sisters, who also run the Living and Learning Project for young people in Rio, where VinB places a number of volunteers each year.

Giovanna, who just recently completed her studies to become a vet, lives in the North East of Brazil in a town called Cristino with her mother and is  following in her footsteps as well, because for a number of years her mother, Tottinha, has supported VinB volunteers in their work with the  farming community as well as hosting visiting groups on the VinB led pilgrimages.

VinB is proud of  the part it plays in enabling volunteers from both countries to shape a future founded on mutual understanding and appreciation.

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A president’s voice



There are 6 to 7 million internally displaced population inside Syria and only 5 percent of the population is living in what you might consider decent shelter with adequate supplies of water and the necessities of life. The other 95 percent of people are living in improvised shelters in destroyed buildings and in other kinds of temporary arrangements. 

Raymond Offenheiser (Oxfam America) … listen here 

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Volte sempre (always come back)

VinB volunteer Martina has arrived in Rio to complete her placement in the Living and Learning Project and found time to  reflects on her time in Cristino.

saying goodbye from Cristino

Cristino Castro became my home and I am very thankful to everyone, especially to my host family, my Brazilian mum Dona Maroca and her family, Miguel, Ronaldo and Marta and all the people who influenced my life in so many different ways. Along with the sadness it is also a time to celebrate, to be thankful and to move on with a hope to see them again! I’m missing my students. I learnt much from them, not just the language but also about the Brazilian culture, traditions and admirable hospitality. Sometimes they had been a challenge, but always an amazing challenge which helps you to grow. Now I am looking forward to getting to know everyone in the Living and Learning Project. Martina

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Sengal moves up the league on Human Rights

senegalAminata Toure, Senegal’s new Prime Minister, has lost no time in appointing a cabinet that reflects her personal goals of eradicating corruption and promoting Human Rights.
A promising start for the one time football player who told reporters that:

We will speed up the pace of our public development programs and reforms to enable every person in Senegal to feel the change in their daily livelihood.

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Drawing on hope

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The right to education

Each time you watch this presentation Sliderocket will donate to the Hoshyar-Foundation, a charity dedicated to the education of women.

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