Serving local Communities

The Agricultural College in Cristino Castro continues to serve local communities.

Fernanda, the college director, and Miguel, a long standing friend and partner of Volunteer in Brazil, are both dedicated to enabling the Agricultural College in Cristino Castro to serve young farmers and their families in the wider region of Cristino.

For decades families have left their small farms in the countryside and migrated to the big cities of Brazil because making a living on the land in the semi arid region is extremely difficult.

Fernanda & Miguel

Fernanda & Miguel

The Agricultural College works with young farmers and their families to enable them to adapt and flourish in the environment and eco systems where they live.

Volunteer in Brazil has supported the College for many years and hopes to continue to support the vital services providing by the College for many years to come. 

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Up date from Tom in Rio

American percussionists Tyler Willoughby and Joe Howe from Southern Oregon University in the United States, currently in Rio performing and teaching at the Brazilian Music Conservatory, visited the project last week and decided to come back on Thursday, this time to help with some serious rhythm and snare drum training for our students. At the same time Brazilian professional trombonist Jonas Corrêa worked with our up and coming new crop of young trombone players, giving them a crucial orientation on basic trombone technique.

Favela B Oct1

The aim for Favela Brass is to be a centre of excellence,not just providing kids with music lessons, but allowing them a chance to be guided by top-notch professional musicians right from the start. That is clearly what was happening on Thursday and we are extremely grateful to Joe, Jonas and Tyler for donating their time and talent so generously to helping our young musicians.



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