Inspirational and humbling.

ThisĀ  message arrived fromĀ  Beth in Rio
Throughout the year I run into problems that often seem impossible to overcome. Countless are the days when I wonder where the joy of children and youth of the project comes from, as they can be so alive even through serious situations of violence and discrimination, oppression and exclusion. But if some succubi, others rediscover the light and once again have hope, giving me the assurance that the project must continue to exist and the strength to carry it out. And I would never do it by myself!

The project was very good this last year! We ended the year with great joy. Forgive me if in recent times I did not write more to you, but as you well know, we are not many for to many tasks.

But it’s Christmas! And I really want you to know how much of everything that happens here is due to the tireless work you do the hole year. I wish that my joy is your joy and the certainty that I did something good in this world is your certainty as well, deep in your hearts.

I wish the boy who was born in Bethlehem finds home in our hearts, blessing us, bringing peace and joy all the days of our lives, continuing to make us bridges of hope and light for boys and girls we can find in our way.

Lots of love and thank you very much!

Merry Christmas and a great new year to all of you and your families!

Beth Sarlo

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