The bad, the ugly and the GOOD news.

Whilst  trying to put into words the reason for the recent absence of posts  it dawned on me that  more likely than not  no-one has noted  the absence so  I will just get on with  reporting  some good  news regarding the ‘Pacification’ programme.

Before Christmas there were reports and  deeply disturbing images of children caught up in the violent and bloody  clashes between the police and the  gangs.

(This image  haunts,  motivates  and reminds me why I am involved in ViB. )

Now the good news as reported  in the:

BRAZIL, RIO DE JANEIRO –  On Sunday night at 10PM Rio’s Governor Sergio Cabral tweeted: “São Carlos and Santa Teresa can celebrate liberty, they are free from the rule of criminals. Viva Rio!” It took seventeen armored vehicles, 150 marine soldiers, 700 military, federal and civil police officers, one hour, forty minutes and not a single gunshot to overtake nine favelas around the hillsides of Centro’s popular neighborhood Santa Teresa.

It will be interesting to hear the views of the ‘Living and Learning’ staff who live in the Santa Teresa district.

Continue reading the report………… The Rio Times

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