Best bib and tucker for Brazil.

It is  often the unlikely that  warms the heart  and this morning no less so than an article that I came across in the  Washington Post.  Where it was reported that it is not unusual for Magellanic penguins to be storm driven onto the beaches around Rio.

Giselda Candiotto, president of the rehabilitation zoo  across the bay from Rio  went on to describe  how the penguins arrive exhausted and  have little chance of surviving the heat and returning to their natural waters.  However  a happy ending for  these two and the rest of their  group  that will  be resettled in an appropriately  acclimatised aquarium  in  Northern California where they will  star in a climate change exhibition.

We wish them safe journey and a cool life. Maybe you have some heart warming Rio stories to share ?

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  1. I have to congratulate you Margaret – and all the people who have constructed this extraordinarily textured and informative blog. I love the illustrative design at the top of the page – ooops there’s a technical term for that “header” but it doesn’t come to mind! The whole blog design makes it very easy to access “stuff”. The content is remarkably kaleidoscopic …. fastinating always. It feels constantly surreal to have such in-depth glimpses of the pulse of life and learning/yearning in a land so far away – an not just geographically distant!
    At times the “reads” are hard for me to imagine, from the comfort of post-industrial Britain, and can be the stuff of nightmares! (I have to remind myself constantly that real people are right now living these nightmares….) So it is a delight to have snippets such as this penguin story to lighten the read!
    Thankyou Margaret – and one and all – Paperback Writer!

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