Time to introduce you to Seamus who flies out to join the Living & Learning project later this month. His placement is for six months and despite busy last minute preparations he has found time to share some thoughts with us:

The main anxiety, of course, is the language. It is one thing answering back to a cd, it is another to interact with people. If I cannot master the basics of communication will I be of any use to the children at all? So, you just hope with effort, good will and time, this problem will be resolved. The whole purpose, after all, is to serve the children. I am really looking forward to being with them, as I am sure they have so much to offer.

There is more:

Of course when the Brazilians realise I am in the country, they will probably ask me to manage the national football team! Or else, I shall just go along and meet the girl from Ipenema, the poor thing has been waiting for me for so long! And I can’t wait to see the beauty of the country, and climb to the top of the statue of Christ . It is easy to lose heart and think you’ll be of little or no use, but in those circumstances, keep the faith, smile and do your best!

Watch out for more posts from Seamus as he shares his time in Rio with us.

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  1. Nice to meet Seamus!
    Your anxiedade about our language is quite understandable, because I think this is really the main obstacle to be overcome by our volunteers. But don’t worry too much about it because the fact that you stay with us for six months, will give you enough time to learn Portuguese. Furthermore, we need so much help that you can be assured that you will a lot of work to do.
    I enjoyed your sense of humor that blends well with the carioca style… ah, we’ll have a great time on the project with the arrival of Seamus! We can’t wait … Maybe Heloisa Pinheiro (the girl from Ipanema) can’t wait… but about football… you better start getting ready to choose your team …. inevitably between Flamengo, Fluminense, Botafogo and Vasco … not have a team here is unacceptable ….. lol

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