Seasmus says it’s a pittance

Less than a week spent in the Living and Learning project and Seamus is already flagging up the dedication of the monitors Monica, Fabiana and Wellington.

“I´m only here a few days but I have observed these monitors in action. They are the permanent staff, who teach, feed, relate to and look after the kids, for a wage that is a pittance. We open for the kids in the afternoon , but Wellington and Fabiana work with the other kids in the favela at other times of the day, for nothing. They are role models, completely committed to the job. Wellington is also trying to take an exam so he can get Public Employment, and yesterday I found him teaching Maths to Monica!
Monica is the chief monitor-Mother Earth, exuding warmth and discipline in equal measure. She embodies the spirit of Volunteer Brazil.”

We know there must be other groups working with children from the favelas. Get in touch and lets share ideas.

Fair Pay for Dedicated Staff

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