Finance and chocolate cake..

Finance consultants met parents from the favelas to share a chocolate cake; advice on personal finance and give a lesson in stereotyping. Seamus takes up the story:

Six young professionals, all in identical smart tops, with Volunteer displayed on them. Young, confident, evidently successful, working for Consultancies, Mining Companies, Multinationals etc, coming to give the parents from the favelas a talk on personal finance. Yeah , I thought, what personal finance. What could they learn from these people;how wrong you can be. They were brilliant. They held the audienceĀ“s attention throughout, got very animated, and when the parents put their point of view, became excited, and totally engaged with them. They gave out a format for controlling their finances, which one parent said he would now follow for life ! and talked about never, ever if possible getting credit. One mother said how she though she was going to pay10 per cent and ended up paying 100 per cent. One dad said he was a jewelry maker, but would love to go to College to become more professional, and he would like to pass on those skills to the children of the favilas, but it was hard getting a loan. Then the magic happened. The most charismatic of the group took his name, said I always support people trying to get further education to improve themselves, I will send you on that course. HereĀ“s my card, what is your name……. Wow Talk about being hit over the head with your own prejudices.

Seamus tells us that his penance from Beth is to write to each of the companies to thank them for attending !

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  1. It really is hard to find skilled persons on this subject issue, nevertheless, you seem like you understand what you are talking about! Appreciate it

  2. Hi Edda, Thanks for taking the time to comment and for your support. I am interested in your experience and what brings you to the blog. Margaret

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