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Not until I became involved with the charity did I take much notice of Brazil in particular or world affairs in general and to my greater shame I was also ignorant of the ins and outs of UK home affairs. The onset of retirement and the time to try to understand a little more the reality of life, and the forces that act upon our partners and their projects has led to an interest in all things Brazilian. In particular the unfolding success story of Brazil’s fiscal policy and its growing attraction to the traditional trading powers; its emerging home markets and its extensive natural resources make it a very attractive trading partner.

China has more than a foot in the door with well publicised trading and investment agreements. Russia is currently negotiating trade agreements, a USA trade delegation earlier this year was led by President Obama; an indication of how seriously the USA is taking Brazil. No less so than the UK with its recent flurry of visits; Vince Cable led a trade delegation during the Autumn, Caroline Spelman was there earlier this month and scheduled visits by Nick Clegg earlier in the spring and William Hague this month though postponed show the interest.
A further indication of how seriously the UK is taking Brazil is borne out with the Foreign Affairs Committee announcement to strengthen the UK’s bilateral relationship with an inquiry into UK-Brazil Relations. Top of the list of the terms of enquiry is ‘Trade’.

I am always on the look out for signs of encouragement for those we support and partner and these seem good signs for the continued development of the economy and its potential to provide all the people of Brazil with choices.

New Enquiry into UK-Brazil relations.

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  1. Came to your web blog through Reddit. You know I am signing up to your feed.

    1. Thanks Barton for your comment. Have you a particular interest in Brazil ?

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