Mother’s Day….I wish you’d been there

Lessons were abandoned, programmes thrown out of the window, we were getting ready to party!
The kids and monitors and the volunteers got the place ship-shape. Everything cleaned, swept, desks put outside, and the the room made ready. That involved the kids making loads of different coloured paper hearts, cutting them out and sticking them on the wall. Goodness knows how many balloons were blown up and stuck on the ceiling and bunches put on the doors.

A big sign and heart displayed on a board saying ‘I love you Mum’, a special catwalk from the entrance to the diagonally opposite passage way for the mothers’ beauty parade, and of course making a crown and paper ribbon declaring the winner of this prestigious award.

Games, a scrumptious meal prepared by Monica and her crew, a slide presentation and then the children lined up, each with a lovely paper rose in their hands and a home made mother’s day card, the children sang as they presented the flower and card to their mothers. Beautiful, touching. Bringing tears to the mum’s eyes. It was…..just wonderful. And the kids were so proud.
The evening rounded off with hilarious sketches; amid laughter and satisfactory smiles, they melted into the night, and we swept and cleaned up…leaving a glow of happy memories in our minds; joy, unalloyed

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