Green letter day

I am always absolutely thrilled when I have what I call a ‘green letter day’ that means news directly from the students  in Brazil.  This morning was ‘a green letter day’; a letter from from Renato in Cristino, written in English and telling us about his new school.

“Yes, I really like the school , the school has a good structure , good teachers, most teachers have undergraduate course. Another lesson that I like is, the teacher is one of the most qualified, he has seven courses, including: electronics technician in the area of computing, and of course physically. I took the opportunity of technical course in computer science (able to start next year in 2nd year high school) to learn more things in computer, how to program software.

The school is based on a test. To select their students, the college has three technical courses, concomitant with high school: Farming Technician, Nursing Technician and Computer Technician(which is what I do).”


Well done Renato, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Student Renato begins new school

Renato awarded first VinB partnership bursary

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