..a life lived to the full..

I am a keen, though often ill prepared, member of a small reading group. We met last evening to discuss our latest read. As the evening came to a close we got into a very interesting discussion about what constitutes ‘a life lived to the full’, but with time running out we agreed to resume the discussion at our next meeting.

This morning I was again, considering this notion and wondering if you can have ‘a life lived to the full’ in the favela of Santa Teresa; home to many of the children who attend the Living & Learning project.

Over the next few days I will be away and hope to have some time for reflecting. As I packed my reading materials, recent birthday presents, I realised how useful they might be in helping me to unpack and explore these notions.

To ensure that I don’t just flit about and fizzle out with the thinking I am going to promise to post my conclusions within the week, which will have the double benefit of making me better prepared for the next reading group meeting.

It would be great to chatter and make this journey together.

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