1 week in! Georgina

…news and insights from Georgina a serving volunteer in the Living and Learning project :

“It’s difficult to believe that we’ve been here in Rio for over a week now. The time seems to have flown by and I’m becoming increasingly aware of just how short a time 5 weeks is to be here on the project and to still make a positive contribution.

What I love about life in Rio and on the project is, never knowing what to expect. I think my first example of this would be our accommodation here at the convent. Having been forewarned of the simplicity of the convent, we hardly anticipated luxury lodging yet it was still an initial surprise to see how sparse the volunteer house is, and how freezing cold the shower is! Despite this, this place is already like home. Photographs cannot do justice to the views from the roof of the convent. Simply reading up on the roof with Rio sprawled out below is incredible. The food here at the convent, although simple and somewhat repetitive is something we both have really taken to. Will’s purchase of tomato ketchup has made mealtime all the more enjoyable for him as well!

Santa Teresa itself is an unexpected place. Gabriel, Will and I went for a wander around the old, bohemian neighbourhood. Despite Gabriel knowing Rio so well, we were still able to stumble upon areas with incredible views and architecture that even he had not visited. We’re lucky to be able to stay in such an interesting and fascinating place.                                                   Georgina

Next post… ‘meeting the children’

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  1. Hi Georgina, Will and Gabriel,

    It is great to get news and to read about your experiences, thoughts and reflections. Brazil are playing Paraguay in the quarter finals of the Copa America competition this weekend – make sure you get to see the game on a big screen – the atmosphere in Rio will be great.

    I am looking forward to your next post.



  2. Hey George and Will, sounds like you are both having fun! Mum and I here with Stu, Caroline, Stef, Brian, Moira and Helen. Helen says make sure you take Will to church in the morning! Take care and go easy on the Caparinahiaaaass!! Lots of love from the Ilkley Crew xx

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