Kind words from a VinB friend

“So good to access the blog and hear all the news from Rio. Good luck to you all and especially to Georgina and Will as they settle into their life in Rio and begin their project work with Beth and everyone involved with the children.
It was about a year ago that we arrived at the Covent. Michele and I well remember the wonderful children at the school and the exciting time we had in Rio. Especially our end of day rooftop gatherings which were not to be missed.
We hope to re visit Rio and the Convent again.”
All the best as you progress with the projects. Please give our hellos and love to Beth and all the staff and to the Nuns in the Convent.”
Kind Regards Jay & Michele, Cheshire UK

It’s heart warming to have good wishes and encouragement from friends of VinB and to know that the blog is keeping us in touch with each other and the projects.

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  1. Thanks Jay and Michele. The moments we spent together were great. It would be nice to see you again. The group visit to the project remained in our memory as a very happy day. Love from all of us.

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