Have you heard..a round up of bits and pieces of news

For some time I have been using news’ aggregators to gain  an  overview  of  Brazil’s journey to the centre of the world  stage. Interest, because of partners  in Brazil,  is what drives me along with the desire to  comment from an informed position. In the course of a week  I burrow down into stories which either nicely confirm a train of thought or more commonly and more uncomfortably  completely throw it off track!

I am struck by the lack of coverage of news from  Brazil in particular and South America in general.
An example is the absence of coverage of the Pan American Games, hosted this year  by Mexico, they  take place every four years in the year preceding  the Olympics. The closing ceremony was Sunday after close to  6,000 athletes from 42 nations  competed in 36 different sports.

Have you heard ? Probably not that Brazil came 2nd overall and 3rd in the Gold medal table following the United States(92) and Cuba(58) with success mainly in athletics,  swimming , gymnastics and  judo events. Brazil has steadily risen up the table to consolidate its place in the top three,  alongside the USA and Cuba.

Have you heard ? Brazilian competitors in the World Bull Riding Championships 2011, which finished on Sunday, had brazilian riders placed 1st second,third,fourth and fifth.

So, though proving their ability in modern sporting events their cultural roots are very evident.


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