Olympics and World Cup bring misery to families

News that Brazil was to host the Olympics and the World Cup was hailed as a coup and another indication of Brazil’s rising global status. I too thought it a cause for celebration as it would generate employment and cause a feel good factor. That was before I came across news of families being forcibly evicted and their homes demolished to make way for new infrastructure.
Given the need for new access roads and sports venues the demolition of homes is probably an unavoidable evil, but the disturbing thing is the way the evictions are being carried out,
“flies in the face of the very values the Olympics stand for.”
So ran the arguement posed to the IOC by Amnesty International and other organisations representing the families.
Families usually recieve little notice of eviction, and if offered alternate housing it is often far from their place of work. Any offer of financial compensation is usually insufficient to buy another house and often payment is delayed. Parents also find it difficult to find new schools for their children which disrupts their education.
I am reminded of a comment from one of the children in the Living and Learning project who some months ago when asked his view about news of the big events translated as “The World Cup and the Olympics are not for us.”

Amnesty International

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  1. That was a sad news .. It is true that Brazil must do everything to prepare the venues for the world cup to accommodate millions of fans but if it means they will violate the rights of the citizens it was another story.. We are happy that Brazil get the big event but they must prepare for it without harming anyone..

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