Micro finance..Development for all.

New year and a new idea for the ‘Development for All Project’ is being got off the ground.
Miguel the co-ordinator of the project in Cristino is going to pilot a micro finance scheme. He has submitted a business plan to the trustees and requested a loan to buy half a dozen young cows, which will live on the pasture at Boa Esperanca. ( location of the volunteer accommodation)
He will rear the cows for two years, sell them on and repay the loan with sufficient profit to buy more stock.

Being of farming stock myself this has much appeal, though my suggestion that they are given names, indicates why farming was not a career option.
We look forward to news of how the pilot is going and to your suggestions for names

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  1. I think Miguel should name the cows after the trustees but as they will all be female we should come up with feminine names/adapted Brazilian names. For example:

    Peter – Pedrinha
    David – Davinha
    Keith – Ketinha
    Joe – Zezinha
    Margaret – Margarinha
    Mary – Marizinha

  2. Micro Finance Co-ordinator

    Good luck to you and Martina in this challenging new role! What a difference these loans make to individuals and families.

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