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Passing through the airport at Foz de Iguazu airport I was reminded of the small Irish airport at Knock, built primarily to bring pilgrims to the shrine of Our Lady and seemingly Foz de Iguazu airport built built exclusively to bring visitors to the falls.
Tuesday 7.30 and despite a fairly cold and murky morning spirits and anticipation were high as we made the 25 minute trip through border control to the entrance to the National Park. We transferred onto a little open air train travelling deeper into the Nation Park to the viewing stations.
The first being a bridge walk of almost a km to the far side of the falls to see the iconic Devil’s Throat fall. The bridge walk was spectacular in itself; we were incredulous of the width of the river and then excited when we spotted a huge catfish in the shallow sparking water; the mist having lifted to bathe everything in warm bright sunshine.
Though busy with people we were still able to stand and feel alone with the magnificence of nature before us.
No accounts, films or photographs prepare you for the awesome majesty and power of the falls and the emotions they elicit. We went from view to view of the falls often close enough to be covered in spray. We took hundreds of photographs trying to capture the feeling and wonder of what was before us.
The following day we were offered the chance to view the falls from the Brazilian side and I hesitated thinking nothing could equal what we had already seen. Keith was keen saying that, ‘having come this far’ and adding that it was ‘only fair to Brazil to see them from their side.
And wow the Brazilian views are equally spectacular, the combination complement each other perfectly, Argentine offering close up experiences of the multitude of falls which spill over the cliffs and Brazil offering a panoramic veiw though still allowing close up experiences.
At one point the sun was shining through the spray and causing a huge circular rainbow.
We had travelled almost five thousand miles to see the falls and trebble would have been worth it. Experiencing the falls is a pilgrimage, with it intense sense of the otherness.

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  1. Cheers Margaret and Keith, glad to see you really enjoying the trip.

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