A bus ride to Martin and Argentina..

Martin is currently living in Puerto Iguasu, over the border in Argentina, patiently waiting for a Brazilian work permit.
He invited us to make the ‘simple’ bus journey across the border to the small Argentine town he calls home.
Keenly aware that we were hovering over the line that divides adventure from recklessness we tracked down a bus, which we later discovered passed just by our hotel.
Contrary to our information we were politeley but firmly invited to exit the bus and have our passports stamped at the Brazil border and then wait for the next bus. There was an irregularity!….….Keith’s passport had not been stamped when we arrived in Brazil….the Federal police were summoned ….I immediately wanted to go home to Chipping.
We were advised to return with the innocuous little forms we had filled in and which had then been stamped when we passed by on arrival in Brazil…….only Keith’s hadn’t! I still just wanted to go home to Chipping.
We decided it would be wise to return to border control and try to get things sorted out. Our second visit did just that and soon we were on our way.
Martin was waiting at the terminal for us and we had a very enjoyable couple of hours exchanging news and visiting the confluence of the river borders.

Standing in Argentine one looks to the left across the ? river to Paraguay and then right across the Iguazu river to Brazil. It seemed a little sad to see the river now calmed after such a climax of magnificence and power.
Our return journey was without incidence infact the official at the border gave us a wave….conforting to know that we were on waving terms with the Federal Police.
Whilst waiting for the bus we were entertained by watching the constant flow of monster like lorries pass through the border.

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  1. Hi Margaret & Keith,

    It is fantastic to hear all your stories – Keep them coming. Can’t wait to catch up on Wednesday.

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  2. Close Shave!

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