Phew… it is hot in Florianopolis

Florianopolis the state capital of Santa Catarina is located on an island off the east coast of the state. A spectacular bridge connects the island capital to the mainland. This was our first view of the city, tower blocks and modern plazas crowd along the streets. The four lane highways are packed with shiny new cars. The city has a European somewhat homogenous feel and one felt that one could have been in most developed capital in the world.
The winter population of the town is 400 000 and this swells to over one million in the high season.
The weather has taken a turn for the much better and it was easy to see what attracts this vast invasion of tourists. The town is full of greenery, there are 70 odd white sand beaches, just on the island and the mainland offers more. There is a wide variety of experiences to be had including swimming with dolphins and whale spotting trips.
Our guide for the following day was called Andrey, a dynamo of a man, busy building his tourist guiding business. We went with him to visit the botanical garden in the Atlantic forest and then onto the beach for lunch.
Keith and I found the weather perfect and were soon down to one layer. Andrey on the other hand Andrey complained bitterly about the cold and when we looked around most other people on the beach were wearing top coats. But despite the cold and adding another layer to his head he was soon telling a good tale about his life to date, his values and his dreams. He was passionate about his love for his home state and city and shared thinly disguised criticisms of the north of the country.
We flew out of Florianopolis, feeling our stay was too short, but not before promising Andrey to return one day for a whale spotting trip with him.

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