Rotherham arrives in Rio to great welcome

Back in Rio, Beth is still busy this time promoting the project and hosting a group from Rotherham who are on an exposure visit.

Last week we were visited by teachers and students of the Blessed Robert Johnson Catholic College. The group spent two years preparing for this trip.

The group spent two days with us. The first day we receive them with a June party, Brazilian music, dance and a tasty snack. It was really fun to teach them a little bit of our culture.

On the second day was their turn to teach us some things, with games, making bracelets and some of his music as well. At the end of the day, after sweets and lollipops, still won the Wenlock, mascot of the London Olympics!

We learned that the name Wenlock was inspired by the town of Much Wenlock in England, where in 1850 the Olympic Society held its first International Games, serving as inspiration for the beginning of the modern Olympics.

The Olympic mascot Wenlock has 5 colorful bracelets, each representing one of the Olympic rings. His head is shaped like the coverage of the Olympic Stadium in London and the top of the head is a podium for the athletes of gold, silver and bronze. Wenlock also has a light in the head as the famous London taxis and his eye is a camera to record everything.

Have fun with us watching some of the best moments of this visit! We are happy to have met them and to have made new friends!


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