Peace perfect peace in Paraty

Spectacular views of  the glistening sea and the  lush green  hills of the Atlantic Forest were our constant companions during the four hour  drive to the coastal town of Paraty.         This  ancient  township is reached only by  road or chartered boat and is charming. Cars are only  allowed onto the cobbled streets of the town to make deliveries  on Wednesdays. Brightly  painted  blocks of green, blue, yellow  and red washed houses are arranged in neat blocks.  Mostly they have split stable type doors and entry requires a step up of about  18 inches.  A defence against  waters which floods  the streets at certain  high tides.                                                                                                                                            Horses, carriages  and their drivers, rest in the shade of the tree lined square, until called to duty on short sight seeing trots round the town. The square peppered with trees and benches makes an idyllic resting spot for those on two legs to ponder the  architecture, the history and the  lives of its residents  past and present.                                                                                                  Ever gentle waves lap the  harbour which is crammed  with  gaily painted  boats offering  cruises  to the islands, secluded beaches and for the  more adventurous open sea cruises to further flung islands.   Our hotel garden lay at the side of the river estuary and from there we watched the world go by as well as  enjoying the  activities of the many colourful  birds that visited the garden or took in a spot of fishing and all the while doing our best to absorb the sunshine and blue skies  for later retrieval.

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  1. Hey Margaret-you make it sound so begiling, I wish we were there too.
    regards D

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