Grass fire at Boa Esperanca

If you flick back to the post ‘Ruminating’ you will see that there is plenty of grass for the cows which Miquel bought through the VinB micro finance scheme.

Since this photograph was taken a grass fire has destroyed the pasture, surrouding trees and damaged the newly errected fencing. In this instance the fire was started accidentally, but once started they can spread quickly and can have devestating effect on family resources; the difficulties of farming are cited as the main cause of the movement of people to the cities. In this case Miguel was fortunate in that he was able to rescue the cows and move them to other pasture.

During a recent vist to Brazil Joe visited Boa Esperanca with the ‘Going Global’ CAFOD/Global Link/VinB partnership  visit, and here you can see more images and hear Joe describe what he found.           

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  1. Joe Howson

    There is every chance that the pasture land at Boa Esperanca will come back if there is a good rainy season. Miguel is fortunate in that he has been able to find alternative pasture for his animals. For many families who suffer the same fate they have no alternative but to sell their animals, often at a vastly reduced rate because they are desperate to sell.

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