On learning Portuguese

Dave and Shelagh seem to be making good progress with the Portuguese lessons they are having with Gabriel …

Just as you think you start to see a pattern along come the exceptions  (usually to the feminine/male anomaly – how can an inert object be feminine – don’t answer that). When we ask Gabriel why something is so, the stock answer is – “it just is”.  As well as working 5 afternoons at the project he is working extremely hard  for some really important exams in December so we are not winding him up too much. Finally,  Dave has come up with a strategy for dealing with shop assistants who insist on giving unlooked for help – a quick “falla ingles (do you speak english?)” usually sends them packing leaving us free to browse.  Our vocabulary has been further embellished by the Portuguese phrases for Chisel, Stanley knife and emulsion- silk paint.

Dave & Shelagh

Their approach,  which is to see the funny side of life’s  incidences,  puts them in good stead for  getting the best from their experiences of another language and culture.



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