A leaving..but a cause for celebration.

‘It all happened so  quickly’, reported  Beth.

Back in England we heard that within a  week  Wellington had announced he would be leaving the project to take up a  new job in Government  Procurement and  that   Beth and team  had organised a  ‘leaving do’  to  fit very  aptly,  into  the  Children’s Day party.   Shelagh, a current volunteer, was  there when the news was made public and recalls the event.

When Beth announced he was leaving Davi threw himself on the floor ! Wellington made a speech , Ianca gave a speech then all the kids ran up to hug him!

I met Wellington  several times during his six years with the project and I was always  struck by his dedication, which is reflected along with other attributes  in the children’s  tributes.

“When I arrived in the project and  met Wellington I saw immediately that he was a nice person. All of us will feel the lack of him, sending people to go inside, make copies, and throwing  down for lunch” three cuts “with us. When he he gave the news, I and the entire project were very sad, but he will always be in our hearts. – Djair

 “Wellington, you’re gone but you left many intelligent students – far more experts and scholars. You were very annoying, but mostly you were cool with us. Allowed students who were already experts even more , always giving lots of scolding , but when we all needed help or were in doubt, you always helped us. Always intelligent and a good monitor. thank you! “- Gabriela

Wellington was a great monitor. He explained very well the homework. When I joined the project Wellington has taught me many things.  Thelmo

After 6 years as a monitor in the project, our dear Wellington left us Wellington. Despite missing him, we’re happy that he was able to go to a good job, where he will continue studying to do public procurement.   Beth

Disappointing and inconvenient as it  is when a key member of staff  moves on, Wellington’s move  does demonstrate  how Beth has built a community where  everyone  thrives and develops.


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