Gabriel…can’t stay away

“We have the great joy to have him with us again”, was Beth’s  response to  Gabriel’s recent return to the Living & Learning project.  Gabriel now a veteran volunteer first went to Rio in 2008, returning to the UK to continue  his undergraduate studies at Oxford.  When asked by the editor for his reflection on changes since his last visit, he sent the following observations.

Voltei! I’m back again! This is my 4th time in Brazil and at the project and I’m just as excited as I was the first time. There’s been some changes since I was here a year ago with Will and Georgia. The main change is that there are three great new monitors, and a new cook. I actually taught one of them, Nayara, when she was a student at the project the first time I came out here so it was great to see her. There’s also been some major redecoration. The convent has a beautiful new reception room, done to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the Sisters of the Assumption in Brazil. Sister Regina tells a wonderful history of the convent like it’s the life story of a person.                                                                                                                                                      Down on the project Dave is one elusive tool away from completing a total overhaul of the kitchen. Beautifully tiled, several coats of paint to make the walls washable and new cabinets makes it unrecognisable from a year ago.

Other, important things, haven’t changed. Beth, Monica ,and Sister Regina are still here putting their time and effort into transforming the funds raised over in the UK into a school and community for 35 children. It’s great to be back and see the project doing so well despite the challenges it’s faced over the last year. Gabriel

We look forward to hearing more from Gabriel and also wish him success in his search  for a  job in the  bio fuels industry!

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