Konstantin.. Weitblick and a vision of love

From time to time I have wondered how  the link between the Living and Learning project and  the volunteers  from Germany came about.  I was made more curious by a recent  post on the project blog reporting a fundraising event organised  by the students at Berlin University.   It’s an interesting story .

It begins  in 2009 with a gap year volunteer  called  Konstantin, who went  with an exchange agency and  stayed at the convent for two weeks, whilst learning Portuguese and generally  preparing  for his   placement as a gardener,  in a project in Nova Friburgo about 136 Kilometres from Rio.

During his stay at the convent he  become interested in the Living & Learning project and hankered after returning to the convent to work with  children rather than plants.  With Beth,  Regina and the agency’s agreement  he transferred to the project and stayed for  eight months.  During which time he quickly became an invaluable and much  loved member of the community.

We were fortunate to meet  Konstantin during a visit to the project  in 2010, shortly before he returned home to Germany.  He  treated the group to  a very special rendition of  the children singing ‘Imagine’ which he had taught the children in English.

On his return to Berlin, Konstantin  began  to bring the needs of the children he had worked with to the attention of his family, friends and fellow students  at  ‘Weitblieck’ Berlin.  A student organisation  that  ‘promotes and supports equitable access to education worldwide’.  Other volunteers   inspired by Konstantin  followed including his sister Veronica, Josephine,  Marcus and Andrea   who just   recently completed a placement with the project and was a good support and friend  to Shelagh and Dave.

Over time the commitment and efforts  of these volunteers persuaded Weitblick (Berlin)  to adopt the Living & learning project and in September a fund raising concert  was held . Called the ‘Weitbeat’ during the evening the students  listened  and danced  to the sounds of Brazil performed by the Sambadélico band and were enthralled by a Capoeira performance.

This event along with others has contributed to the amazing sum of  £2000.00 being sent to the project.   It is interesting to know the story of how  people become  involved with the project;  it seems to be rarely  planned but  somehow more than just a co-incidence.

The  organisation’s name ‘Weitblick’  translate as  ‘vision’ or ‘far seeing’.


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  1. During our short time here we have still felt the legacy of Constantine who is still much talked about. The German fund raising efforts are greatly easing the day to day pressures felt when trying to plan a meaningful future for the children and the project. Heartfelt thanks and long may their support continue.

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