StreetSmartBrazil…why I’m such a fan

Want to learn Portuguese ? I did !  There are many good sites to choose from but I recommend that you  go straight to ‘StreetSmartBrazil’  run by Luciana Lage and her team.  Together they have built an evolving content and media rich learning environment  and nurtured a supportive community into being.  In so doing, they have  created  a personalised  and  effective Portuguese language learning experience which I think is unique in its breadth and depth.

A little over three years ago, I started out as a mature learner with no second language learning experience, no natural ability and no confidence! However,  I did have time and a great desire to be able to talk with the people we were partnering and to understand a little more their day to day life.  This interest has  since grown into a curiosity about  the culture, politics and  geography of the country,  in fact to all things Brazilian and ‘StreetSmartBrazil’ is a key supporter in this wider learning.

It is difficult to be concise about the  distinguishing element of StreetSmartBrazil but it is for me the expertise,  passion, and warmth which  pervades the teaching  and the notion of   ‘no mistakes just learning opportunities‘.  Which for a late newcomer is a huge  confidence builder.

So whatever your language requirement…  check out StreetSmartBrazil.

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  1. I agree,and I congratulate Luciana and her team! if it takes patience to learn Portugues,then it surely must take a lot more patience for a Brazilian to teach Portugues to a gringo !

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