‘To buy a cow’ – a tale of two continents

‘to buy a cow’ is how the local paper recently reported on the fund raising efforts of the local Primary School community. To be more precise the monies raised by the children and their families will be used for a Micro Loan Initiative to support a family in North East Brazil.
cow1For some time I had been intrigued by the fact that the cows in Brazil looked like those associated with India. Recently, I learned that most breeds of cow particularly in the north east of Brazil are derived from Indian breeds. Apparently, it began five centuries ago when Portugal’s Pedro Alvares Cabral, officially recognised as the first European to to discover Brazil, was blown of course as he sailed to what later became known as Portugal’s Goa enclave in India. Brazil was a useful stopping off place on the long journey between Portugal and India;trading flourished particuarly the import of cattle to Brazil.

India’s declaration of independence for the Goa enclave in 1961 caused relations between Brazil and India to cool but this is now in reverse as India and Brazil stengthen political and trade interests.Brazil has become the largest exporter of Indian breeds of cattle with breeding stock being imported back to India!

Martin, the micro finance co-ordinator, is now working hard to match a family with the school and the children are looking forward to an exciting new way of engaging with the culture of Brazil.

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