A big thank you to my friends at the Slovak Catholic Mission in London


 Just few days before my flight to Brazil, I thought it might be a good idea to tell my friends about the projects in Cristino Castro and maybe do a small fund raising event. So I sent around an email with a video about Volunteer in Brazil’s Micro Loan Initiative. Amazingly, my friends from the Slovak Catholic Mission in London managed to put together almost £2000.00 for the loans project.

I would like to thank them  for their generous donations and  support!

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  1. Great job Martina! I hope you are having a good time in Cristino. Please, send my love to everybody, special to Totinha, Miguel and Martin!

  2. Hi Martina
    Looks like that you are being well looked after by all the lads over there.
    Do have a good time sure that you will do a great job whilst there.

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