Making friends…the Brazilian way

churrasco  1After two weeks in Brazil, I can say I am a carnivore!  This is a big change in my life.  You should ask my parents who were trying to persuade me to eat meat for years.  If they had known  that it would be this  easy, they would have sent me to Brazil much earlier.

Brazilians love to be with people and churrasco (Brazilian barbecue) is the perfect way for socialising with family and friends.

A variety of beef, or other kind of meat, is grilled on an open fire and served with rice, beans, salad and farinha (or most probably just on its own).

My option was to eat it or to be hungry and I chose to give it a go.  I have already enjoyed a couple of them and I have to admit I love it.

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  1. Editor

    Great to hear that you are settling into the Brazilian way of life. Today is Oxfam’s Land Grab Day. Is this an issue for the families that you are meeting?

    1. martina

      I have visited community in Pe do Morro where Miguel used to work, he mentioned he had difficulties to get the land from the big owner to poor families. But fortunately he succeeded!

  2. David Hall

    Posted by David
    Martina, you have really settled in well to Brazillian life, and Im glad to see you approve of the diet. I remember a goat kid barbe so well in 2005 on my first visit.
    Give my best wishes to Miguel and Tortina. I will follow your blogs with great interest.
    Best wishes from David

    1. martina

      Thanks David, I will pass your greetings to them!

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