New year and yet another new challenge

Contemplating the journey ahead

Greetings from sunny Cristino.  I have just  returned from spending Christmas  with my family in Slovakia and  I am now very happy to be back in Brazil.

This is my my forth year as a volunteer.  I never expected to stay so long !  I  first came in 2010 for a year as a volunteer, but got to thinking that one year was not enough and that it would be nice to continue living in Cristino for a while.  I’ve had that thought a few times since!

During my time here I’ve learnt to speak Portuguese, met lots of interesting people, visited many places, taught English in a variety of situations and helped to organise group visits from England.

But now  I am ready to face new challenges. One of these is my new and exciting role as Micro Finance Co-ordinator. Martina (another volunteer) is going to help me and already we have identified some possible projects which I will tell you more about in my next post.

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  1. Keith Smith

    Hi Martin
    Good just to acknowledge you Friday during your skype with Margaret.
    It is amazing that 4 years have gone since your brief in Chipping.
    In between we have met in Cristino and Iguazau ( Argentina) that last visit you made especially intresting for us.
    Anyway thanks for all the good work and good luck with micro finance management.

  2. David Hall

    Posted by David:
    Dear Martin, Im so glad you have taken the new roll as coordinator, and look forward to further developments. VinB is taking a big leap forward with micro finance options and the trustees look forward to feedback with your help. Best wishes in your further year as a volunteer.
    Best wishes from David.

  3. martin

    Hi Keith and David,

    Thanks for your wishes. I’ll do my best to support the micro finance initiative this year. Will keep you updated.


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