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Similde discussing Micro Loan project

Great excitement…we received the first micro loan application from Martin on behalf of Fabiana and Similde, a young couple  with two children who who live in Santana which is situated about 46km from Cristino.

For a number of years they have cultivated  vegetables to sell at the  Saturday market in Cristino and supplied  a local supermarket. However, production is limited because all the water used for  irrigating the plants has to be  carried in  watering  cans from a nearby well.

Fabiana and Similde  want to  install a mechanical  irrigation system which will save time and enable them to extend their vegetable plots. The loan will be used to purchase the equipment.  Martin is going to do a little research about the water supply and the cost of running the system.

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  1. It is great to see that local farmers are making the most of the micro loan initiative. Well done Martin for helping to facilitate everything.

  2. Great to be helping a family with a loan and hope everything goes well with installing the irrigation system.

  3. Similde and his wife Fabiana are hard working couple so they definitely deserve this kind of help. I’ve visited them twice in last two weeks (without any notice) and both times they were working with vegetables or buriti. It’s a contrast to some people who are just sitting in front of their houses, looking for excuses and waiting for help from the government or local politicians. Well done Similde and Fabiana!

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