Grass fire still causing hardship

Placid contented looking cows; a far cry from the nervous, semi-wild cows that first arrived at the farm.

Despite the fact that the  vegetation is recovering  from  the  grass fire last spring. The unseasonable drought means that Miquel is facing the additional cost of finding and renting new pastures, as well as the cost of transporting the cattle.

Miquel bought his stock with the help of a Volunteer in Brazil Micro Loan, unfortunately these extra costs will  probably reduce his expected  profit margin.

It is challenges such as these, to the agriculturally dependent communities of North East Brazil, that are the main push factors in the migration of people from the rural areas.  Other factors include, issues of land ownership, the difficulty in obtaining small development loans and the lack of effective, cohesive, federal and state policies.

Hopefully, the light being shone on  issue of land ownership (called  ‘Land Grabs‘)  by the joint charities  campaign is a step towards raising awareness and public protest for policy change at national and international levels.

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  1. What a lovely picture of Miquel in the sun with his cows,but it must be a worry for

    the farmers with the vegetation only just recovering and the drought.

    I hope Miquel does make a profit.

  2. Tough to see miguel not having the rainy season in his favour.
    The fire at Boa Esparanca bad enough.
    I understand the rainy season should be to the end of march and just hope next six weeks can be favourable.

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