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Are you curious who is supporting VinB volunteers in Cristino Castro? Who is my Brazilian mum? Do you know how many Brazilian brothers and sister  I have? Let me introduce you to the family Lopes Mendes.

Dona Maroca is an amazing  lady who has brought up twelve children and has now taken me  into her home. She spends her time producing arts and crafts and looking after her many grandchildren, which now number more than thirty. Day by day I am getting to know them.

Her  house is very lively, often loud and almost always full of people; new faces every day.   One of my first tasks was to learn and memorise the names of her children. Can you imagine twelve quite difficult names plus the names of  their wives and husbands and of course,  all in the right birth order. I can proudly announce that I have succeeded.

Families in Brazil are very strongly bonded together and the Lopes Mendes  family is a great example, calling and visiting  each other frequently. They are caring, affectionate and supportive, the solidarity within the family is admirable especially when there is a problem.

Each family member treats me as a regular part of the clan, so suddenly I am a daughter, sister, niece, aunt and cousin… All in one. I always dreamt of being part of a big family and now I am very glad to be a part of this special family.


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  1. Lovely post from Martina.
    Dona Maroca seems to be a very special lady inviting you
    into her home and family.
    Enjoy being one of the clan – sounds wonderful.

    1. Thank you! That`s right, she is really speacial lady, I am very grateful to her.

  2. Dona Moroca sounds like a wonderful amazing lady. I have a large family myself (though not quite as many children, I have 7!) and I recognise the same feelings of always having noise and people around but also a real sense of caring and looking after each other. There is never a dull moment in our house which sounds very similar to this lovely lady. Well done for remembering names and in order, I have come unstuck many a time when trying to recite all our birthdays correctly!

    1. yes, it`s amazing to be a part of the large family – sometimes it seems quite chaotic, especially with so many people around, but actually is very well organized! And thank you for the tip – to remember all those birthdays will be the next step! (I guess I will need much more time and I am afraid that one year won`t be quite enough:)

  3. Well done Martina, your blog makes good reading and I’m glad to be following you since we met at Christmas in Chipping. You have settled in very well I believe and didn’t need much encouragement. I’m looking forward to the life stories you will be hearing, and how VinB might take part in further improvements. Best wishes to you.

    1. Thank you David! Greetings to Chipping!

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