Global Partnerships in action!

Longridge HighThe United Nations 2012 report on the Millennium Development Goals emphasised the need to develop stronger global partnerships if the world is going to achieve the poverty reduction targets by the year 2015.

Longridge High 2Through partnership working with Global Link Development Education Centre, Longridge High School and Volunteer in Brazil, bonds of solidarity and support are being developed between children in Longridge and families in rural Brazil.

Neto & MartinYoung people started by learning about the Millennium Development Goals in early 2012. In the summer of the same year they organised a Brazilian style carnival to raise money and now in February 2013 they are in the process of supporting Neto and his family (in the community of Panasco, in the interior of the state of Piaui) to build a chicken house where Neto and his family intend to rear chickens for sale. Martin, our Micro Finance Co-ordinator, is supporting Neto and will send regular updates and encourage dialogue with the community at Longridge High School.

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  1. Good to see how the links are developing between England and Brazil. Well done to everyone connected.

  2. What a great project ! Today’s children live in a smaller world and I’m sure this project will emphasise and develop this understanding. Looking forward to hearing how it develops.

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